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Getting Ready to sell

The first impression counts ... make it a positive one!

The most important single reason that a home’s sells is its Emotional Appeal.
Over 90% of buyers in today's market buy on emotion. Looking at your house through "buyer's eyes" can help you prepare your home to sell at the best price, in the least amount of time. When you begin preparing your home, begin outside and work your way in. Make up a "to-do" list as you go along, keeping in mind the importance of first impressions.

Nothing pays dividends to sellers of a house quite like elbow grease. Good housekeeping and repair, spaciousness and pleasant aromas bring top dollar and fast sells. Conversely, the demons to the business of homeselling are dirt, lack of light and space, too much deferred maintenance and bad odors.

  1. Spruce up your yard and exterior
  2. Look at the basics around the house (windows, doors, walls, floors, carpet and paint)
  3. Check mechanical and electrical features
  4. Arrange for a spacious look
  5. Good housekeeping
  6. Sniff out unpleasant odors

Planning the Move 

Organization is the Key!

Plan, organize, plan, organize, plan, organize,plan, organize...! If you can mster these two concepts, you are well on your way to an efficient move.

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